Why is Paris the World's food capital?

The so-called City of Love has had to fight off stiff competition from the likes of New York, Hong Kong and even its fellow domestic city, Lyon, but even if weren’t just considering capital cites as suggested, Paris would probably continue out-ranking these cities to consolidate on its status as the leading foodie city of the world. But why exactly is Paris the world’s food capital?

Michelin 3-star restaurants

The Red Michelin Guide grades restaurants according to their quality, awarding them Michelin stars as part of the process and although in recent times Paris isn’t the outright leader in terms of the number of 3-star restaurants in the city, it definitely contains one of the highest number of these restaurants. The fact that Tokyo only has two more Michelin 3-star rated restaurants than Paris doesn’t put the Japanese capital ahead of the City of Love, simply because the number of Michelin 3-star restaurants isn’t the only metric which makes a city the food capital of the world. Paris scores extremely high, nevertheless.

A pedigreed foodie history and culture

tours for food lovers

Beyond the plethora of highly-rated restaurants, when visiting Paris, the trip can be solely about the culinary experience and you will have gotten the full measure of the city’s soul! There are plenty of tours for food lovers and it’s not just about dining at the finest restaurants. The tours which reside in the upper echelons of the food-lover’s taste, such as a wine lover hitting the best of the fine dining establishments, can be mirrored by some of the best fusion of street food which represents what has become a real melting pot of cultures from so many different parts of the world.

Basically Paris is the food capital of the world because a trip to the city isn’t complete without an experience of its glorious culinary offerings.